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We deliver Carbon Dioxide Removal

Measurable. Permanent. Trustworthy.

Carbonsate is Europe’s technology leader in Terrestrial Biomass Storage. We lead the charge in scalable Carbon Dioxide Removal by advancing our technology.

Businesses trust our high-value Carbon Dioxide Removal credits to compensate for their residual emissions - a high integrity offset outside the value chain. Follow established standards to achieve climate neutrality.

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Why remove carbon?

Emitted CO2 lingers in the atmosphere for thousands of years and continues to alter our climate drastically. Emission reduction is not enough to reduce global warming below 1.5°C. Carbonsate plays a crucial role in preventing climate disaster by removing previously emitted carbon dioxide with Carbon Dioxide Removal.

How to remove carbon?

Carbonsate captures CO2 the way nature designed it - through photosynthesis and terrestrial biomass storage. By sequestering waste wood in the ground, Carbonsate brings the carbon back where it belongs. The engineered storage design allows the permanent and efficient carbon storage while offering valuable co-benefits like biodiversity and solar power generation. For leak prevention, a unique sensor system monitors storage conditions.

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The advantages of Carbon Dioxide Removal credits

Carbon Dioxide Removal removes the CO2 directly from the atmosphere and stores it permanently. This is necessary to compensate for unavoidable emissions and achieve net zero. The advantages of Carbon Dioxide Removal credits are:

Fully additional carbon storage

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Measurable removal of carbon

Permanent storage of carbon

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What sets Carbonsate's credits apart

Carbonsate develops technologies for Terrestrial Biomass Storage. The method is certified and scientifically tested.


Credits are created locally through German and European projects.


The sealing material of the storage site is government-certified and scientifically tested.


Terrestrial biomass storage projects support biodiversity-rich ecosystems and provide valuable environmental, economic, and social benefits for local communities.



No time to lose. Carbonsate can generate a large number of credits in a short time frame.



Storing carbon in a nature-based way is 20 times more energy-efficient than using direct air capture (DAC) machines.


Our customers can see live updates of the projects on our dashboard.

Join the leaders in climate action now!

Buy our carbon dioxide removal credits to reach net zero. Our credits are created in Germany and have valuable co-benefits.


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