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Compensate your carbon emissions now.

We offer high-quality negative emission credits from forest ecosystems.
You can permanently remove one tonne of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere by purchasing our credits.

Atmosphere overload

Emitted CO2 stays in the air for thousands of years and continues to drastically alter our climate. By removing previously emitted carbon with carbon dioxide removal, Carbonsate plays a crucial role in preventing climate disaster.


In the process of transforming our forests into more resilient ecosystems, monocultures will be harvested and trees will die due to pests and droughts. This wood may not be used for construction and will be burned or decompose. The carbon stored in the trees over decades with photosynthesis will be emitted into the atmosphere. Carbonsate helps the forest owners by purchasing the wood for above market price and store the carbon permanently, helping them change the forests for the better and remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Our Sustainable CDR Credits

Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) removes the CO2 directly from the atmosphere and stores it permanently. This is necessary to compensate for unavoidable emissions and achieve Net-Zero. The Advantages of CDR Credits are:

Credits guarantee permanent storage of exactly one tonne of CO2.

Image by Luca Bravo
Image by André Filipe

Additional removal of CO2 from the atmosphere compared to status-quo

CDR goes beyond emissions reduction

Image by veeterzy

What sets our credits apart

We store woody biomass in specifically designed facilities to sequester the contained carbon. By using certified, scientifically tested and industry proven materials, we can guarantee storage for a minimum of 1100 years.


Our certificates are created locally in Germany.

Certified technology

The products used to seal the storage site are officially certified and scientifically tested. Scientific analysis ascribes minimum lifetime under given conditions of 1100-1700 years.

Many Co-Benefits

The projects support biodiversity rich forest ecosystems and provide valuable environmental, economic and social benefits for local communities.



We can generate a large amount of credits in a short amount of time, satisfying any demand.


More costeffective

Direct-Air-Capture credits cost 750-1000€, ours will cost 500€, long-term costs will be drastically reduced.


Our customers can see live updates of the projects online via sensor data and cameras.


Barren land will become biodiversity-rich meadows or photovoltaic systems for renewable power generation and sustainable farming.

Why compensate with Carbonsate?

Achieve your net zero goals.

Reduce your emissions, don't greenwash them.

Get the most effective and efficient carbon credits.

Help transform our forests into more resilient ecosystems.

Finance a clean future by buying our negative emission credits

We will realize projects to store carbon permanentely. Buy a carbon credit to finance a project. Our projects benefit the local economy and create opportunities for renewable power generation after project completion. The amount of captured carbon can be measured most accurately using the weight and water content of the stored wood. This garuantees, that every sold credit accounts for exactly one tonne of removed CO2.


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