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We are planning a project near Berlin, Germany, to implement our novel CDR technology on a larger scale.

You can become part of the journey by purchasing our first negative emission credits and help stabilize our climate as fast as possible.

Small dimensions, large storage

The project will cover an area of only 40 by 40 meters and can store up to 2000 tonnes of CO2.


Connecting locally

Near Berlin, the German Start-Up haven, sustainably managed forests stretch across thousands of hectares of land. We will use wood sourced locally to store over one thousand tonnes of CO2, supporting local forestry and creating opportunities for renewable power generation and biodiversity.


Permanence guaranteed

The wood will be kept safe under a specifically designed layer system hindering any decomposition. The small footprint and low height will make the project disappear into the surroundings. Biodiversity-rich flower meadows will inhabit the land and create a space for endangered bees, insects, and birds. Photovoltaics for renewable power generation can be an additional revenue stream.

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